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Real Wealth Australia is a premier property mentoring and education company. They teach every day Aussies, how to build a property portfolio with confidence. They provide property education to help clients select and buy the right property, at the right price, at the right time. They provide a personalised strategy that is tailored to the circumstances and current situation of its clients.


RWA needed a platform for their members where they could host all their training material as well as resources that support their members in getting a hundred percent from their mentoring and educational programs. This included:

  1. A platform to host all their training videos and have all their training modules separated.
  2. A section to include all downloadable and supporting resources for every module easily accessible.
  3. A way for the members to book coaching calls with the team of mentors to support them along their journey.
  4. Progress tracker for members to understand how much they have learned and for the company to keep its members accountable on completing tasks.
  5. Multi Level access based on membership roles.
  6. Website / platform fully integrated with their Infusionsoft CRM so they can keep track of their members’ behavior and progress.
  7. Integrated with payment gateways to automatically allow/disallow access based on the payment status of the member.
  8. An events booking system to allow the members to register and/or purchase tickets for any events hosted by the company.


Being a significantly big project the following was done to make the experience of the members top notch as well as allow the company to support its customers in the best possible way:

  1. A brand new membership website.
  2. New website fully integrated with their Infusionsoft CRM software.
  3. Progress and Journey trackers fully integrated with Infusionsoft to allow team members to support the clients and elevate them to achieve the results they were looking for.
  4. A calendar system fully integrated with Infusionsoft and their exchange to allow the members to easily book calls with the company and their mentors.
  5. An event registration/booking system that made it super simple for the staff to create and add new events and the members to register into the events without any problems.
  6. Fully integrated with Google analytics to understand the behavior of the company’s members site journey.
  7. A monitoring system and data protection module to ensure that no copyrighted information is stolen or any unauthorized access is allowed.
  8. Constant monitoring and updates for the website to keep it secure and functioning at optimum levels at all times.


Once the new solution was deployed, the company was able to bring in new customers who had a much better experience interacting with the resources and materials offered.

The company is able to better track the progress of its members as they go through the journey that Real Wealth Australia has to offer.

Note: Some sections in the screenshot have been blurred to protect the intellectual property of Real Wealth Australia.

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