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Pioneer 4×4 Club

Pioneer 4×4 Club is an exclusive 4 wheel driving and adventure club in Melbourne, Victoria. They are a member based, invite only club.


Pioneer 4×4 Club approached Info Tech Wizards to build them a website that the members could use to stay updated with the activities of the club. They had the following requirements:

  1. They needed a place where they could post new upcoming club trips.
  2. Have members be notified of any new trips.
  3. Have members register for the upcoming trips.
  4. Let the members know about what the trip entailed, difficulty levels, preparation required and currently registered users.
  5. An area for members to propose a new trip that would then need to be approved by the club administrative team.
  6. A trip report section where they can do an overview of a recent trip and also upload any photos from the trip.
  7. A photo gallery to showcase some of the recent excursions taken by the club.


Info Tech Wizards provided the following solution to Pioneer 4×4 Club.

  1. A brand new custom membership website hosted on a secure server.
  2. An admin area for administrators to manage any upcoming trips and approve or disapprove any proposed trips.
  3. Integrated with Google Analytics.
  4. Social media integration with the club’s facebook page and group.


Once the website was launched, the club is now able to:

  • Properly manage all their upcoming and past trips.
  • Members have access to any trips and are able to register for an upcoming trip.
  • See the status of a particular trip.
  • Upload their trip reports for a particular trip.
  • Upload and share photos from their trips.

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