EZR Curtain Change System

EZR Curtainchange System is a Patented Australian made product, assisting in meeting Healthcare Health and Safety facility issues, with innovative product designs, supplying the industry as a wholesale supply only product or as a supplied and installed product via one of their experienced commercial partners.


EZR Curtainchange needed a website for their wholesale operations of their new exclusive product called “EZR Curtainchange System” which is Australian made and Patented.

Specifically, the new website needed to fulfil the following business needs:

1. Modern design with a fresh and professional look.
2. Provide web presence for the company’s wholesale product – EZR Curtainchange.
3. A way for architects/wholesalers to connect with the company regarding their wholesale product.
4. The ability for customers to make enquiries really easily.
5. Architects and wholesalers needed to have the ability to download data and specification details for the product after providing their details.
6. Most importantly, the business requires a way to communicate product information, provide updates on upcoming features and enhancements to existing products as well as any new products they develop. This needed to be done in the form of blogging service on the website.


EZR Curtainchange does not expect a very high number of traffic to their website.

But the traffic that does come to the website are all prospective customers who are looking to get more information on the products that the company is offering as well as feeling relieved that this company cares for being the cutting edge in its industry.

Majority of the visitors to the website will be there to learn more about the company, who and what it represents, the products that they sell.

Majority of the visitors to the website will be Architects and Wholesalers who are actively looking to find the right solution for their needs and EZR Curtainchange website needed to clearly cater to their needs and convince them to take action on this product.

They will also be looking at the team behind the product, and why they should trust the pedigree for EZR Curtainchange.

There will also be some visitors who are looking to purchase EZR Curtainchange for domestic needs.


We recommend the development of a completely new website, built from the ground up, with a custom design to convey the value that EZR Curtainchange adds to its clients.

The new website was designed to:

  • Allow Architects/Wholesalers and Domestic visitors to discover and learn more about the product itself i.e. EZR Curtainchange.
  • Allow potential clients to research information, view blog content (text, video), leave their EOI, and download product documentation and specifications.
  • Encourage potential leads to provide their email address or phone number.
  • Allow for a well-structured blogging platform to post thought leading articles in order to attract the targeted visitor to the website.
  • Allow Miami Design to easily add and update new content to this website.
  • Be fully Search Engine Optimizable.
  • Provide a means of communication with potential clients.
  • Increase Web traffic to the company’s website.
  • Be fully mobile responsive.


With the new website, EZR Curtainchange System has been able to use it as their strongest marketing asset. The website has given them the ability to showcase their product to architects and builders as well as give them the ability to download various assets.

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