Our Web Design and Development Process

This Is How We Work Our Magic

The Brief

We will ask you all the right questions to uncover exactly what it is you need. We will help you drill down and discover for yourself why it is you really need a website. There is definitely more than what you think. 

The questions and the process do seem uncomfortable at times. But we will be honest with you; if it doesn’t get a little awkward, then chances are we have not done right by you. 🙂 

The Sitemap

Once we have had a detailed discussion and have understood all your needs and requirements, we will go ahead and build your visual sitemap. 

A sitemap is a list of all the pages on your website. It will be a visual representation of what it is we are trying to build here and also understand the message we are trying to communicate. This will help us to get on the same page and you can understand the structure and inclusions of your website.

The Prototype

This is where we show you what we have understood regarding your project and build an interactive prototype in the browser. This will give you a better understanding of how our suggested solution is going to work for you. These are the bare bones of the project. No focus has been give to design at all. 

This is where we actually bring your requirements and our ideas to life, test the practicability and potentially investigate how your users/customers are going to interact with it and how you feel about it. 

The Design

We are now at the fun stage of your project. We have had extensive chats and we are all set to start. This is where we play with colors, layouts, html, CSS and bring your interactive prototype to life. 

We work hard to bring your brand identity and company messaging to the limelight. Your project will take shape. All your templates for the various sections of your website will be fine tuned and content will filled. 

At the end of this stage, your website will be what you always envisioned it to be. 

The Delivery/Launch

And we are finally there. This is where we go heads down and start preparing for your launch.

We test every inch of the project to make sure it is ready for deployment. All the plugins and any interactive features are tested. We test it on all the major browsers to ensure everything is working the way it is supposed to be. Please note Internet Explorer compatibility cannot be guaranteed by anyone. 

We work with your hosting company to ensure that it is set up with all the right tools to support your website for visitors. We will the deploy your project from our staging servers to your live hosting server. 

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