eLINK Finance Mobile Responsive Website

eLINK Finance

eLINK Finance is Australia’s leading mortgage brokerage specialising in securing loans for property investors.

At eLINK Finance, they are more than just a loan. They help customers with the right finance strategy to get the banks saying ‘yes’ more often! They combine their expertise in finance with education and transparent technologies to deliver exceptional financial services and solutions to their clients.


eLINK Finance needed a brand new website to add to their growing brand. They needed a website that will help them connect with their customers better and propagate their vision and ethos to the visitors. With eLINK Finance’s website, the main requirements from the business were:

  1. Introduce the visitor to the brand and build trust.
  2. Empower the visitor with the right information.
  3. Make sure that the customer was given the information that they were looking for.
  4. Be different to what the rest of the competitors were doing.
  5. Collect leads by having prospects opt in to their database.
  6. Incorporate some easy to use pre-designed calculators for the visitor to see what was available to them.
  7. Create a seamless flow between their website leads and their marketing automation software.
  8. Manage their Active Campaign account to ensure that all leads coming in from the website were properly tagged and were receiving the content they opted in for.
  9. Understand their marketing spend and track how their search engine marketing and social media marketing was performing.


Based on the requirements provided by the business, the following was done to ensure all requirements were met:

  1. A complete redesign of the website.
  2. A mobile responsive brand new website hosted on a fast server to make it really search engine friendly.
  3. A blog section where the business can constantly post new content, improving their search engine visibility.
  4. A call to action on the home page and other areas of the website to easily collect leads and build database. These leads were added to their follow up automations in Active Campaign, where they receive more relevant content on a regular basis. This will help in building authority and trust for the business.
  5. An about us section on the website with profiles of the team to add the personal touch.
  6. Fully integrated with Google analytics to track where their visitors are coming from and how their ad spend on various digital marketing channels is performing.
  7. Fully backed up website on a daily basis.
  8. Security features implemented to prevent any loss of data or content.
  9. A robust website maintenance plan to ensure that the website is always updated and current ensuring security.


With the new website, eLINK Finance has been able to convert more leads into their database than ever before. They have been building authority with their visitors and are giving their visitors relevant and up-to-date content.

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