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Real Wealth Australia

Real Wealth Australia is a premier property mentoring and education company. They teach every day Aussies, how to build a property portfolio with confidence. They provide property education to help clients select and buy the right property, at the right price, at the right time. They provide a personalised strategy that is tailored to the circumstances and current situation of its clients.


Real Wealth Australia believes in leading the market and staying ahead of its competitors. They already had a reasonably sized website with hundreds of pages and posts. They were looking to:

  1. Improve the look and feel of their website to give it a more professional and corporate look.
  2. Update the UI of the website.
  3. Collect more leads from their website so that they could nurture and convert to sales into one of their programs and courses.
  4. Improve the load times of the website for better visitor experience.
  5. Keep track of their ad spend performance and ensure that the money being spent on advertising is converting into leads and sales.
  6. Keep the website updated and protected.

In addition to the above, Real Wealth Australia also has database of contacts. The founder of Real Wealth Australia understands and believes the power of automation in a business. So they wanted to ensure that their Infusionsoft CRM is set up properly and is being utilised to its fullest in supporting the staff to focus on improving the performance of the company as well as its customers being delivered the right information.


With Real Wealth Australia, based on the needs and requirements, an overhaul of the website was done. This included:

  1. A complete redesign and development of the homepage.
  2. An call to action to download free helpful resources that will support the visitor in understanding and helping with their property investment journey.
  3. Adding video testimonials from past clients who have had amazing experience with Real Wealth Australia and have gained benefit from their courses.
  4. Adding a chat feature integrated directly with Real Wealth Australia Facebook page.
  5. Implementing a service worker which visitors can subscribe to, and then receive push notifications from Real Wealth Australia straight to their browsers even if they are not on the website.
  6. Integrating the optin form on the homepage and other sections of the website, with Infusionsoft.
  7. Creating a content plan with a nurture funnel that nurtures the leads coming into the funnel.
  8. Implementing tagging strategies and follow up campaigns in Infusionsoft. These include both admin as well as prospect/customer support and marketing funnels.
  9. Integrating with Google Analytics to track performance of the different search engine and social media ad spends as well organic traffic coming into the website using various marketing campaigns.


With the new website, Real Wealth Australia has been able to drive more leads and get more visitors on to their website. They are now able to tell how their website visitors are behaving and what information they are looking for. This has enabled Real Wealth Australia to create content that can be targeted to the right visitor and ensure that they continue to be the leader in the property investment education industry.

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